"Worldwide hub for quality parts"

Fuel Flexco kft. "Worldwide hub for quality parts" is a Company under the sponsorship of the Government, specialized in sales and distribution of wide range industrial, agricultural, construction and automotive machinery, equipment, spare parts and accessories. We provide professional and dedicated services to the Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East, Levant and Africa.

Being a professionally managed company striving for excellence and total customer satisfaction, we offer the highest levels of customer service with a very competitive price to the markets of Middle East and Africa. The company has been distributing various spare parts and accessories to Middle East as well as other parts the world. . Our esteemed clientele include major international, regional and national Oil and Gas Companies in these regions.

IFuel Flexco kft. "Worldwide hub for quality parts" is engaged in sales and distribution of equipment and spare parts for Agricultural, Industrial, Oilfield, Power Generation, Mobile Crane, Air Compressor, Marine and Automotive markets.

We have a special professional team for Oilfield requirements.

Fuel Flexco kft.

We supply various pumps, compressors, valves, gauges, indicators, thermo-wells, thermocouples, transmitters, converters, electro-mechanical accessories, cleaning chemicals and materials, power tools and spare parts and accessories.

We also supply quality aftermarket brands and OEMs for various equipment and machineries. Besides this, we have a wide range of various filters, bearings, hoses, seals and belts.

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