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Our experienced sales and support personnel have a thorough understanding of your requirements and provide excellent response intime and one of the best warranties in today's market.

We provide a comprehensive support to the following competitive brands, vehicles, equipment and machineries

Fuel Flexco kft.

Abrasives Centrifugal Machinery & Supplies Hoists & Spares Pumps Dewatering
Access Control System & Spares Cooling Systems Horns Pumps Spare Parts
Access Platforms & Spares Cooling Towers Horticultural Machinery & Equipment & Spares Pumps Submersible
Acoustical Materials Cooperative Societies Hose Clips PVC Flooring
Acrylic Products Copper Products Hose Couplings & Fittings PVC Thermoplast Powder Coating
Actuators Corrosion Control & Spares Hose Crimping Machine PVDF Coating
Adhesive Tapes Cotton Rags & Spares Hoses & Belting Supplies Quarries & Spares
Adhesives & Glues Couplings Hospital Equipment Supplies & Spares Radar Equipment & Supplies
Aerosols Crane, Forklift, Hoist & Winch Parts Hubs Radiator Coolant
Agricultural Equipment Supplies & Spares Cranes Spare Parts & Accessories Humidity Control Equipment Radiators
Air Brake Curtains HVAC Systems Refrigeration Equipment Supplies & Parts
Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment & & Spares Cutting Discs Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components Refrigeration Oil
Air Compressors Cutting Fluid Hydraulic Baling Press Relays
Air Conditioning Equipment & Spares Cylinders Hydraulic Brake Respirators
Air Conditioning Heat Exchanger & Spares Cylinders - Gas Hydraulic Equipment Tools & Supplies Road Safety Equipment Supplies & Spares
Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts Dairy & Milking Machines & Spares Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings Rock Drilling Accessories
Air Curtains & Screens Dehumidifying Equipment & Spares Hydraulic Press Machinery & Spares Roller Bearings
Air Dryers Dental Equipment & Supplies Hydraulic Pumps Roller Blinds
Air Gauges Dewatering Equipment & Spares Hydraulic Torque Wrench Roller Chain
Air Hose Diamond Cutting Tools Ice Making Equipment & Machines Ropes
Air Purifiers Diaphragm Pumps Industrial Cooling Fans Rotameters Flowmeters
Air Springs Die & Mould & Spares Industrial Equipment & Spare Parts Rotating equipment
Aircraft Equipment Parts, Supplies & Maintenance Diesel Engine Parts Instrumentation Supplies & Spares Rubber Floorings
Airfield Lighting & Navigation System Diesel Engines Parts & Accessories Insulation Electrical spares Rubber Mats
Airport Equipment & Supplies Divers Equipment & Supplies Ironmongery Rubber Tiles
Alarm Systems Door Hardware Irrigation Systems & Equipment & Spares Safes & Vaults
Alternators Doors Industrial & Spares Keys Key Cutting & Lock Repairs Safety devices
Aluminium Cast Products Drainage & Sewerage Systems & Spares Kitchen Equipment Parts & Supplies Safety Equipments & Spares
Aluminium Hose Couplings Drilling Chemicals, Equipment & Supplies Laboratory Equipment & Spares Safety Glasses
Aluminium Machinery & Spares Drilling tools Laboratory Furniture Equipment & Supplies Safety Valves
Aluminium Sheet Supplies Drives and transmissions Lacquers & Finishes Safety Vests
Aluminum Wheels Drying Equipment & Spares Ladders Sandblasting Equipment & Supplies
Analytical Instruments & Spares Dump Bodies Landing Gear Sanitary and Plumbing Products
Anchoring Materials Earthing & Lightning Protection Equipment & Spares Laundry & Drycleaning Equipment Supplies Scaffolding Accessories Supplies
Anti-Freeze Compounds Earthmoving Equipment & Parts LED Light Fixtures & Supplies Scaffolding Towers
Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies Electric Equipment & Supplies Level Indicators Scales
Asbestos Products Electric Motors Lift Gates Sealants
Auto & Tractors Parts Electric Motors Supplies & Parts Lifting Equipment & Spares Seals
Autoclave Aerated Concrete Electrical & Electronic Test Equipment Lifting Gear Seals Hydraulic
Automation Systems & Spares Electrical and automation control Lifts & Elevators Supplies Seals Mechanical
Automotive & Industrial Greases Electrical Switchgear & Spares Lighting Fixtures Supplies & Parts Seals O Ring
Aviation Supplies Electromechanical Equipment & Spares Locks Sensors
Axles Electronic Instrument & Components Lubricants Sewage Treatment Plants & Spares
Back-up Alarms Engraving Equipment & Supplies Machine Shop Supplies Sewing Machines Supplies & Attachments
Bags & Sacks Supplies Epoxy Machines & Engines & Spares Sheet Metal Working Equipment & Supplies
Bakers Equipment & Supplies Evaporating Cooling System & Spares Manhole Covers Shelving & Storage Equipment & Supplies
Ball Valves Excavating Equipment Marble & Granite Machinery & Equipment & Spares Shims
Batteries Exchanger Retubing & Spares Marine & Offshore Electrical & Electronic Equipment & Spares Ship Breakers
Battery Charging Equipment & Spares Expansion Bellows & Joints Marine & Offshore Equipment Engines Parts & Supplies Shoes Industrial
Battery Supplies Eyelets Marine Elevators Silencers Industrial
Bearings Fan Hubs and Blades Marine Machinery Silica Sand
Belts and Hoses Fans Industrial & Commercial Marine Plywood Skating Equipment & Supplies
Belts Industrial & Automotive Fasteners Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services Skid Steers & Loaders
BICC Cable Glands & Plugs Fasteners Industrial Marine Safety & Survival Equipment & Supplies Slings
Binding Wire Fencing Supplies Marking Machines Solar Energy Equipment & Supplies
Biomedical Equipment & Supplies Fenders Material Handling Equipment & Spares Solar Water Heaters
Bird Barriers & Repellents Fibreglass Materials Material Testing Equipment Solenoid Valves
Bitumen & Asphalt Products Fifth Wheels Measuring Equipment Solids control
Blasting & Quarrying & Spares Filters Air, Gas & Oil Mechanical Seals Solo Detector Testers
Blasting Grit Supplies Filtration & Separation Meshes & Sieves Spraying Equipment & Spares
Blinds and Curtains Fin Tubes Metal Detectors Springs
Blowers & Spares Fire Alarm Systems & Spares Metal Rolling & Forming & & Spares Sprockets
Boats & Spares Fire Alarm Testing Tools Metering Pumps Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings
Boats Inflatable Supplies Fire Blankets Meters & Gauges Steam Cleaning Equipment
Boilers Supplies & Parts Fire Extinguishers Micro Pilling Machines & Spares Steam Traps
Bolting Equipment Supplies Fire Fighting Equipment Supplies Mining Equipment & Quarrying Accessories & Spares Steel Plates
Bolts & Nuts First Aid Kits Mirrors Steel Round Bars
Booster Cables Fishing tools Motorcycles & Motor Scooters Supplies & Parts Steel Structures
Brake Drums Fitness Equipment & Spares Motors & Spares Storage Tanks
Brake Fluid Flanges Mould Makers & Spares Strainers
Brake Lining Flares Mudflaps Stud Bolts
Brake Parts Supplies Flashlights Mufflers Studwelding Machines
Brake Rotors Flat Decks Multi Stage Pumps Supermarket Equipment & Spares
Brake Shoes Floor & Ceiling Products & Spares Nails & Tacks Surveying Instruments & Spares
Brass & Bronze Materials Flooring Industrial NDT Equipments & Accessories and UV Lamps Swimming Pool Equipment & Spares
Brushes Flowline equipment Needle Valves Tail-lift Trucks
Building Equipment & Spares Flowmeters Non Sparking Tools Tailors & Spares
Building Materials Fodder Machines & Spares Nylon Tubes Tank Cleaning Supplies
Bulldozers & Spares Food Processing Equipment & Supplies Office Machines & Spares Teflon
Burner, Industrial & Spares Food Processors Packers & Manufacturers Office Supplies Temperature control sensors
Busbar Risers & Spares Food Quality Testing Instruments & Spares Oil Tensile Membranes
Cable & Pipe Laying Equipment Supplies Forklift Supplies & Spares Oil & Gas Supplies & & Spares Tents & Tarpaulins
Cable & Wire Machineries & Spares Foundry Machinery Supplies Oil Additives Testing & Measuring Instruments
Cable Accessory Supplies Front End Parts Oilfield Chemicals Thread Gauges
Cable Distributors Fuel Handling Equipment & Spares Oilfield Equipment Supplies & Spares Threading Tools
Cable Trays & Ladders Fuel Injection Equipment Parts Packaging Machinery & Spares Tools
Capacitors Furnace Manufacturers & Supplies Packaging Materials Torque Wrench & Tensioners
Car Batteries Furnace Spare Parts Supplies Packing Materials Mechanical Tractor & Spares
Car Parts & Accessories Furniture Equipment & Supplies Paints Traffic Control Equipment & Spares
Car Washing Equipment & Supplies Fuses Perforated Sheets Transformer Supplies
Carbon Brushes Galvanizing & Spares Petroleum Products & Supplies Trucks & Trailers Equipment & Parts
Cargo Control Spares Garage Doors Photographic Equipment & Supplies Tubes & Tube Fittings
Castors & Wheel Garage Equipment & Spares Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machine & Spares Tugs & Barges
Catering Equipment & Spares Garbage Disposal Equipment & Spares Pipe Fittings & Accessories Turbines & Spares
Cathodic Protection Gas Compressors Pipeline Supplies Tyre
Cement Lining & Coating Gas Detectors Pipeline Testing Services Uninterruptible Power Supply
Cement Manufacturing Equipment & Spares Gas Equipment & Parts Pipes & Pipe Fittings Upholstery Fabrics & Supplies
Centrifugal Machinery Manufacturers & Suppliers Gas Plant Equipment & Spares Piston Pumps UPVC Pipes & Fitting
Centrifugal Pumps Gas Turbine Supplies & Spares Plant & Machinery & Spares V Belts
Chains Gaskets & Packing Plastic Blow Moulding Machines & Spares Vacuum Equipment
Check Valves Gate Valves Plastic Machinery & Equipment and spares Vacuum Pumps
Chillers & Spares Gauges Plastic Pipes & Pipe Fittings Valve flow control
Chrome Products Gear Boxes Plastic Welding Machine & Spares Valves
Circuit Breakers & Fuses Generator Sets Plug Valves Vehicle Tracking System
Cladding Supplies Generator Sets & Spares Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies Ventilation
Clamps Generators Marine & Spares Plunger Pumps Ventilation Products
Cleaning Machinery & Equipment & Spares GI Coils Plywood & Veneers Vibratory Motors & Equipment
Cleaning Products Glass Reinforced Cement Products Pneumatic Tools & Equipment Vinyl Flooring
Clutches Globe Valves Postioners Washroom Hygiene Products
CNC Machines & Spares Gratings Powder Coating Equipment & Supplies Waste Containers
Coating Protective & Spares Grease Power Steering Boxes Water Chiller
Coffee Equipment & Spares Grinding Wheels Power Steering Pumps Water Coolers
Cold Storage Equipment & Spares Gymnasium Equipment & Spares Power Take Offs Water Heaters
Commercial Vehicles & Spares Gypsum Products Power Tools Water Pumps & Accessories
Compressor Supplies & Parts Hair Care & Replacement Power Transmission Equipment & Spares Water Purification Equipment & Spares
Compressors Hammering Wrench PP-R Pipes and fittings Water Treatment Chemicals Equipment & Supplies
Concrete Drilling & Cutting Equipment & Spares Hand Cleaner Precision Dies & Tools Weighing Equipment
Concrete Plant Supplies Hand Tools Pressure and temperature control Welding Cables
Concrete Ready mixed & Spares HDPE Pipes & Fitting Pressure control Welding Equipment & Supplies
Conduit Fittings - Electric Heat Exchanger Tubing & Spares Pressure Gauges Wellhead Products
Construction Chemicals Heat Gun Pressure Vessels Wheel Alignment Frame & Axle Servicing Automotive
Construction Equipment & Machinery & Spares Heat Pumps Pressure, Level, Temperature Process Recorders Sensors & Transmitters Wheel Balancing Equipment
Construction Materials Heat Treating Equipment & Spares Process Control Systems & Spares Wheels
Container Maintenance & Equipment & Spares Heaters Protective Coating Supplies Winches
Control Cables Heating Equipment & Systems Public Address System & Spares Wire Ropes
Control Systems Industrial & Spares Heavyduty Equipment Spare Parts Pulleys Woodworking Machinery Equipment & Supplies
Control Valves Hoists Pumps Workwear and Safety Equipment
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